Annoyed? Frustrated? Running late?

We get it! Breaking down never happens at a good time.

Whether you are riding a motorcycle or driving a car, a van or other vehicle, we can get to you.

We will always aim to fix your vehicle roadside; we want to get you quickly and safely on your way as much as you do. However, if the situation is more severe and requires more attention, we can get you and your vehicle to a garage, your home or easiest location depending on your needs, the time of day and the requirements of your broken vehicle.

 Feeling stranded and unable to get to your destination can be scary, worrying and at the very least an absolute pain. We understand the need to get our motorists on their way so with swift reaction time, the latest high-quality towing equipment and professional, skilled assistance at your service; we can confidently say we can save you time, unnecessary stress and additional costs and all with safe, reliable and friendly 24/7 customer care and response teams.

London is not an ideal place to breakdown – narrow streets, one-way systems, busy roads and obscure streets hidden away. Our knowledge of the Greater London area is top-notch, allowing for a quicker response time and sounder assurance for our customers.

Towing a Car – Tips and Rules for Towing

Breaking down is one of life’s most frustrating moments.

It is never a convenient time, it always happens when you need to be somewhere and it often happens in the most awkward of places.

We get it! Greater London Towing is here to help. Whether you have just passed your test, are a seasoned driver, are on your own or perhaps this has never happened to you before – breaking down can be daunting and scary.

Let us assist with some foolproof tips and rules to keep you, your passengers and other motorist’s safe while help comes to you.

If you breakdown in the dark ensure your vehicle has its lights on as it would if you were driving it. You must be seen, especially if you are stationary and in a tricky location. It is also imperative for the recovery team to locate you.

The towing driver must place a “on tow” sign in the back window of the broken down vehicle – safety for you, your rescue team and other motorists on the road is essential.

When the broken down vehicle and towing truck attach, a safe distance needs to be established. There must be no more than 4.5 meters between the 2 vehicles.

Whilst most cars, motorbikes, vans etc. can be fixed on the side of the road, occasionally these are just a temporary fix and require further attention at a local garage to be deemed safe. If towing is required, make sure as the driver of the vehicle you notify other motorists with hazard lights or warning triangles if you have access to them. From your point of view ensure the car is in neutral so no further damage is done to the brakes, wheels or steering functions.

Our professional team knows their stuff, though it is always useful for both parties to have a basic understanding. Do not panic and where possible try to steer your vehicle to the side of a road so you can get out of your car and won’t be in an danger with on-coming traffic.

From vehicle towing, lifting and recovery our highly qualified recovery team are available to help you in case of a breakdown. Having basic knowledge and skills to keep you safe while you wait is always handy and can make you feel more confident while you wait.