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5 Things Your Towing Company Should Be Offering – With no Exceptions!

5 Things Your Towing Company Should Be Offering – With no Exceptions!

There is nothing more annoying, time-consuming and worrying than car issues, particularly when you are out and about. The truth is, it’s not just inconvenient to breakdown but, also, potentially dangerous for you, your passengers and other motorists.


Fortunately, if you need a towing service, help is available; the trick is to pick a reliable, trustworthy and skilled recovery operation to ensure you have a solid piece of mind while you wait for your car recovery service.


So, how do you pick the right company?

What makes one towing company different from another? How can you identify which company offers the best, most professional service for their customers?


Here are 5 attributes you should expect from your towing service company:


  1. Qualifications

From an impeccable driving history to full training, recovery staff can easily, efficiently and soundly operate the heavy machinery and equipment hassle-free to safely and swiftly get you to where you need to be. With various certifications, customers can feel rest assured that if the problem can be fixed roadside it will be and if it requires additional assistance than your vehicle could be towed to where it needs to be, completely safeguarded and worry-free.

  1. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Breaking down doesn’t happen 9-5, it is an unpredictable event that seems to always happen at the most inopportune times. For any towing service, being available to their customers as and when you need them is key. In fact, a recovery service is deemed an emergency service, therefore it should be accessible when required. This level of availability not only shows the company is reliable but also a solid business model that puts its customers above all else.

  1. How much will it cost me?

Price transparency is essential when picking the right company for you. The last thing you need is hidden costs, prices rising when you start seeing the added extras. Calling a service that gives you the full picture combined with a top-notch service is the best way to differentiate the good from the bad.

  1. Knowledge of London

London is a great city but a busy city, full of side roads, congested junctions, one-way streets, crowded areas and road works; breaking down anywhere in London can be difficult so choosing a company that has towing experience in London areas, roads that are narrow and hard to get to is a complete necessity. When you call for help, you need to know that your recovery service can get to you in no time, without any additional delay or hassle, so picking a company that has knowledge of the London areas can be incredibly beneficial.

Towing Company Should Be Offering

  1. Equipment and Support

The goal for any good towing/recovery service is to try to get you back on the road as safely and quickly as possible. This is why finding a company that has up-to-date towing equipment that has more savvy technology and better capabilities along with well-trained recovery experts who can, in the first instance try to fix your vehicle roadside is a priority. Everyone has places they want to be when suddenly they breakdown, getting to your destination is first on the list. If the situation is not recoverable roadside, then towing is the next step.