What to do if you Breaking Down | Greater London Towing

What to do if you Breaking Down | Greater London Towing

We’ve all experienced the pain of our car or vehicle breaking down unexpectedly. It’s a pain, frustrating and potentially dangerous.

So, what can we do if we breakdown?

Following some simple steps can make all the difference, most importantly though; trying not to panic really is an overall necessity

For Greater London Towing, these guidelines are here to help you.

  • Safety First

    Where possible makes sure you are in as safe a spot as possible. Ensure you are on the side of the road or on the hard shoulder this will reduce the risk of causing further safety issues for other

  • The checklist

    Get those hazard lights on, and stay safe and savvy by ensuring you and your passengers get out of the car on the left-hand side so you are not walking directly onto a busy road or

  • Keep your cool and Let us help

    Call us here at Greater London Towing, we can get to you, reassure you and ensure you are well looked

With our 24-­‐hour hotline, we are available when you need us. With services including Road Side Assistance, Tire Changing, Van, Motorcycle and Car Recovery, no job is too minor or too big for us.

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We understand how upsetting being off the road can be so we can come to your rescue and take you to your choice of garage, to work or to your home, you just let us know.